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these 4 steps

Driving Lesson

1. Select the City that you want your Driving lesson in 

2. Select the location of where you want to be picked up (Make sure to scroll down to see options)

    If you select your location we'll come to you, we will pick you up at your home

    if you live within 4 miles of our office

3. After you select an Instructor and date & time for the lesson, please make sure to enter the

    student name not parent name. You can put in parent email 

4. You will be asked to reserve your appointment with a credit or debit card we will not charge your

    card until you authorize us during the lesson

    you can also pay with cash or check on the day of the lesson

Take California driving lessons to earn your first drivers license or improve your driving skills. A1 Driving School provides the behind-the-wheel training you need, no matter your age or skill level.


If you're under 18, the DMV requires you to complete six hours of California driving lessons to earn your license. We offer three, 2 hour sessions in Tehachapi and Ridgecrest, CA (2hr. minimum required).

If you're over 18, driving lessons are still the best way to get ready for the road!


Professional behind-the-wheel training is an important investment in your safety. Our friendly and professional instructors will help you develop the skills you need to drive safely and confidently to avoid the dangers of the road.


We'll pick you up for free from home, school, or work for your lesson! (We'll drop you off after too.)

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